Congratulations! What an exciting time, planning your big day. You have so many choices to make and who will be your photographer is a big decision. After all it's not like you have a bunch of experience picking out wedding photographers! Luckily we do have tons of experience, so we can give you some guidelines.

First ask yourself "Do I like the work?" But a close second is "Do I like the photographer?" Nobody else spends as much time with you on the wedding day as your photographer. If you have a great rapport and really like the person, chances are you'll have a terrific time during the portrait session on your day.

Once you connect with a photographer, find out how much experience they have. Pretty pictures of sunsets don't necessarily mean a photographer has the people handling skills for a wedding. Or the ability to anticipate moments and be in the right place at the right time. With 30 years of experience (more if you count that first wedding at 14!) Keith has a great instinct for capturing the moment. Because your wedding will involve a large number of people with a wide variety of personalities, it's important your photographer can manage your family and wedding party, without anyone feeling ordered around. Your entire day should be a wonderful enjoyable experience, including the photography session. The right photographer makes sure that happens.

Once you know you have the right studio, talk about your investment. Don't make a mistake of deciding based on numbers. A million 8x10's is not a good deal if you don't like any of them. Or if the photography session was drawn out and unpleasant. What value do you place on your memories? That should tell you what to budget for photography.

Keith has been selected as Nebraska Wedding Photographer of the Year an unprecedented eight times. His wedding photography has been displayed at EPCOT and graced the cover of the internationally circulated Professional Photographer magazine. Holly's work has also been displayed at EPCOT, after receiving a Kodak Gallery Award for weddings. As two Master photographers working together, they are able to work faster, be more particular about details and take advantage of two sets of eyes, to capture every nuance of your day. The Howes limit themselves to twenty weddings per year, in order to approach each event with the same anticipation as you do.

Photographic Images offers wedding plans ranging from $3800 to $2000.

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